Matematisches Modell des Mikrodrehens

  • József Nyirő


Recently the cost-economy is a very important component in production. That´s why has the modeling so great importance: we can draw conclusions from the attempts made with computer. Thus we can produce results already on lower cost-level. The modeling was introduced by FORM 2D program. This is a FEM program in which we can examine different geometrical dates (cutting depth, cutting edge radius). In the program we are able to set different material quality, machining-tool and coolant (we also can change the feedrate). That´s why we can produce very many kind versions and make examinations, too. Mainly the load, the material-flow, the critical displacement, the temperature-zones and the surface-stress can be examined. From these values we can draw final conclusion applied the geometry. By optimalization the values we are able to define how great cutting depth, cutting edge radius, feedrate are that we work with and which machining-tool is needed.
Keywords: analysis of microturning with the finite element method, modeling
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