New Approach of Dynamic Simulation of Puma 560 Implemented in LabVIEW

  • Alexei Sokolov
  • Sándor J. Tóth


Nowadays the growing computer capacity provides a new opportunity of the simulations regarding more reliable and accurate models and fast computation. This paper presents a complete dynamic simulation of the Puma 560 robot. The simulation is based on the dynamic model of the servo drives of the joints and the robot model taking into account mass, inertia, frictions, etc. The robot model and the simulation are implemented in LabVIEW. This approach has several advantages; the opportunities of parallel computation, built in functions provide easy and fast numerical calculation, fast implementation of different models and methods. Several simulation results are demonstrated using different trajectory planning methods for one given path.
Keywords: Puma 560, dynamic simulation, LabVIEW, trajectory planning, methods
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Sokolov, A. and J. Tóth, S. (no date) “New Approach of Dynamic Simulation of Puma 560 Implemented in LabVIEW”, Periodica Polytechnica Mechanical Engineering, 43(2), pp. 121-130. doi: