New PC and LabVIEW Based Robot Control System

  • Sándor J. Tóth


This paper presents a new economical solution of robot control system for different sophisticated robot applications. The control system is based on PC controlled servo motor control card and an intelligent control software, which has been developed using high level graphical programming language (LabVIEW). The basic development is an interface software for making connection between the control card and LabVIEW. LabVIEW gives a wide range of opportunity of utilisation of the developed control system at different robot applications. This paper shows a complete solution of robot control system for a ZIM 15 (KUKA license) type 6-axis robot. The DDA (Digital Differential Analysis) method and the closed loop control system of the servo motor control card are described. The programming of the control card and the time optimal trajectory planning method are presented, too.
Keywords: time optimal trajectory planning, robot control system, economical, solution, LabVIEW, PCL-832 servo motor control card
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J. Tóth, S. “New PC and LabVIEW Based Robot Control System”, Periodica Polytechnica Mechanical Engineering, 43(2), pp. 179-188, 1999.