Model for the Calculation of Demoulding Force for Polyurethane Parts

  • Peter Zentay
  • Zoltán Zoller
  • Gusztáv Arz
  • László M. Vas


The manufacturing of polyurethane (PU) parts has an ever-increasing trend due to the production of cars. The automation of the demoulding of polyurethane car seats is a current problem the suppliers of car manufacturers have to face. The automation of other processes of seat foam production has already been solved but the problem of demoulding is still a much-investigated subject. To design robot grippers for this process we need to know the value of the demoulding force. We present a mathematical model for the calculation of this force for polyurethane seat-like foams in general. A material model is proposed that uses only those parameters that are available for the factories, and this model is compared with test results.
Keywords: demoulding, polyurethane, material properties
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Zentay, P., Zoller, Z., Arz, G. and M. Vas, L. (no date) “Model for the Calculation of Demoulding Force for Polyurethane Parts”, Periodica Polytechnica Mechanical Engineering, 43(2), pp. 197-212. doi: