Constant Kinetic Energy Robot Trajectory Planning

  • Zoltán Zoller
  • Peter Zentay


In Continuous Path Control (CPC) problems of robot motion planning three tasks have to be solved. These are the path planning, the trajectory planning and the trajectory tracking. The present paper focuses on the problem of trajectory planning. When solving this problem several criteria can be chosen. These can be requirement of minimum time, minimum energy, minimum force, etc. In this article, we deal with constant kinetic energy motion planning. Comparing with time optimal cruising motion, a much smoother trajectory with more power for solving manufacturing tasks is obtained. This is clearly demonstrated by the results of the sample program. The problem of kinematics and dynamics are solved for 2D polar and 2D linear robots.
Keywords: robot, trajectory planning, constant kinetic energy, LabView
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Zoller, Z. and Zentay, P. (no date) “Constant Kinetic Energy Robot Trajectory Planning”, Periodica Polytechnica Mechanical Engineering, 43(2), pp. 213-228. doi: