Frequency and Phase Characteristics of the Edge Tone, Part I

  • István Vaik Budapest University of Technology and Economics Department of Hydrodynamic Systems
  • Roxána Varga
  • György Paál


This paper is the first half of a two-part publication. In these papers the well-known low Mach number edge tone configuration is investigated that is one of thecanonical self-sustained flow configurations leading to simple aeroacoustic flow phe-nomena. The configuration consist of a planar free jet that impinges on a wedgeshaped object. Under certain circumstances the jet starts to oscillate more or lessperiodically thereby creating an oscillating force on the wedge that acts as a dipolesound source. The flow of the edge tone is investigated by experimental and numer-ical means and remarkable agreement is found. This first part contains a detailedliterature overview and the qualitative discussion of the authors’ results of a detailedparametric study.
Keywords: Edge tone
Published online
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Vaik, I., Varga, R. and Paál, G. (2014) “Frequency and Phase Characteristics of the Edge Tone, Part I”, Periodica Polytechnica Mechanical Engineering, 58(1), pp. 55-67.