Frequency and Phase Characteristics of the Edge Tone, Part II

  • István Vaik Budapest University of Technology and Economics Department of Hydrodynamic Systems
  • Roxána Varga
  • György Paál


This paper is the second half of a two-part publication. The first part containsa detailed overview of the edge tone literature and also describes the qualitativebehaviour of the edge tone when varying its mean parameters i.e. the mean exitvelocity of the jet and the nozzle-to-wedge distance in the case of both top hatand parabolic jet velocity profiles.

This second part contains the quantitative resultof a detailed parametric study to explore the Reynolds number and dimension-less nozzle-to-wedge distance dependence of the Strouhal number for top hat andparabolic exit velocity profiles. Moreover, it is also shown that the phase of thejet disturbance between the nozzle and the wedge does not vary linearly with thedistance from the nozzle, thus the convection velocity of the jet disturbance is notconstant, as usually assumed in the theoretical models.

Keywords: Edge tone
Published online
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Vaik, I., Varga, R. and Paál, G. (2014) “Frequency and Phase Characteristics of the Edge Tone, Part II”, Periodica Polytechnica Mechanical Engineering, 58(1), pp. 69-76.