Increase of load bearing capacity of a square-form nanofilter

  • Ádám Kovács Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Applied Mechanics
  • Andras Kovacs Furtwangen University, Faculty of Computer and Electrical Engineering


Square-form, multi-layered nanofilter membranes have been investigated experimentally and by numerical simulation to determine their load bearing capacity versus filtration ability. The effect of various topologies combining the thickness of a load-carrying layer and Si-reinforcement on the bursting pressure has been determined. Based upon the comparison of a performance index an optimal structure could be selected for later production.
Keywords: nanofiltration, multi-layered membrane, porous structure
Published online
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Kovács, Ádám and Kovacs, A. (2014) “Increase of load bearing capacity of a square-form nanofilter”, Periodica Polytechnica Mechanical Engineering, 58(2), pp. 83-86.