Conditional Lagrange Derivative with Gibbs Function

  • Gyula Béda Budapest Univ. Tech. and Econ.
  • Péter B. Béda Budapest Univ. Tech. and Econ.


In forming constitutive relations a method of Mindlin was used. By introducing the conditional Lagrange derivative and by using the laws of thermodynamics a formula  is obtained for ε. In the first law Gibbs function is used. This formula should be satisfied in case of constitutive relation.
Keywords: Mindlin’s method, conditional Lagrange derivative, Gibbs function
Published online
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Béda, G. and Béda, P. (2015) “Conditional Lagrange Derivative with Gibbs Function”, Periodica Polytechnica Mechanical Engineering, 59(1), pp. 48-50. doi: