Comparison Tests of Diesel, Biodiesel and TBK-Biodiesel

  • György Szabados KTI Institute for Transport Sciences Non Profit Ltd.
  • Ákos Bereczky Budapest University of Technology and Economics


The present article focuses on the properties of renewable bio fuels with relevance to ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) use. The diesel (EN (European Norm) 590) was used as referent fuel, that was compared with the standardized biodiesel (EN 14214) and a new type biofuel, the so-called TBK-biodiesel (Thész-Boros-Király) in a series of measurements. Data on the basic physical and chemical properties, as well as properties of combustion in ICE are presented in detail. Based on the results can be said, that biofuels don’t have clear advantages compared to other fuel types. However, the disadvantageous physical and chemical properties of biofuels are partially compensated by a more favorable composition of exhaust gases due to their adherent oxygen content.
Keywords: new type biofuel, physical and chemical properties, exhaust gas analysis, indicator diagram, CI (Compression Ignition) engine
Published online
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Szabados, G. and Bereczky, Ákos (2015) “Comparison Tests of Diesel, Biodiesel and TBK-Biodiesel”, Periodica Polytechnica Mechanical Engineering, 59(3), pp. 120-125.