Numerical Study of Internal Radius Effect on Mechanical Behavior of P265GH Material

  • Mohammed Lahlou
  • Nadia Mouhib
  • Hanaa Ouaomar
  • Abdelilah Hachim
  • Mohamed Elghorba


In metallic structures, cracks are mostly initiated at geometric discontinuities of notches or defects. The geometric parameters and discontinuities govern cracks initiation or propagation and therefore affect the resistance of structures during their use. In industry, for economic or security reasons it is seek to know the degree of defects harmfulness and residual life time of structures; This requires the development of models based on fracture mechanics.
The objective of this paper is to establish a numerical finite element modeling for a bent specimen using CASTEM2013 computer code. The studied material is P265GH steel commonly used in sheet form in boilers and pressure vessels.
The results show that the propagation velocity of crack and stress concentration coefficient increases by increasing the length of the crack and the diameter of the structure.
Keywords: pressure vessels, Finite element model, stress concentration coefficient, notch, Stress intensity factor
Published online
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Lahlou, M., Mouhib, N., Ouaomar, H., Hachim, A. and Elghorba, M. (2016) “Numerical Study of Internal Radius Effect on Mechanical Behavior of P265GH Material”, Periodica Polytechnica Mechanical Engineering, 60(4), pp. 233-237.