The Investigation of the Mixed Convection from a Confined Rotating Circular Cylinder

  • Kamel Yahiaoui University of Bechar,Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Driss Nehari
  • Belkacem Draoui


In this paper, a numerical study on the two-dimensional laminar mixed convective flow and heat transfer from an rotating circular horizontal and isothermal cylinder confined in a horizontal channel. The blockage ratio and the Prandtl number are fixed at 0.05 and 0.7 respectively. The continuity, momentum and energy equations are solved via the finite-volume method. Our results are in very good agreement with those resulting from preceding studies to Ri=0 and a=0, which makes it possible to validate on important extension of present work. The mixed convective flow and heat transfer is simulated by the Reynolds number is studied in the range 1 <Re <40, the Richardson number (Ri) demonstrating the influence of thermal buoyancy ranges from 0 to 1 and for rotational rate from α=0 to α=4. Major emphasis is given to the effect of rotating a circular cylinder on the mixed convection and also on the measurements of the local and average Nusselt numbers are also obtained. Furthermore, the representative streamlines and isotherm patterns are presented and discussed.

Keywords: computational study, drag coefficients, rotating circular cylinder, mixed convective flows, Richardson number
Published online
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Yahiaoui, K., Nehari, D. and Draoui, B. (2017) “The Investigation of the Mixed Convection from a Confined Rotating Circular Cylinder”, Periodica Polytechnica Mechanical Engineering, 61(3), pp. 161-172.