Entrepreneurial dynamics - can it be effective?

  • Jarmila Sebestova


The dynamics of a company, where all the planned activities run through this organization, must be coordinated on every level. The tendency towards static decision making and exiting from the market, due to a critical environment or situation - is why it is important to study this entrepreneurial behaviour in a practical way. Few people actually think about the relationship between strategy, goals and decision-making inside an organization or the relationship between managers and owners, who actually attend to the routine work and duties. Recent literature and research studies focus significantly on measuring turbulence in the industry based on the start up and exit rate of emerging companies and the relationship between GDP growth and company ownership. If an organization is quite small and the owner is not a good manager or coordinator, then the possibility of risk and exit from the market will be increased. It should be mentioned that survival problems are showing up mostly in companies that have been tra ding for 2-3 years but studies about the influence of the strategic skills of owners in dealing with business resources in a changing or turbulent environment cannot be found. This paper contributes to this understanding by examining how Health Care businesses can achieve dynamic skills in a crisis environment.
Keywords: Dynamics, effectiveness, entrepreneurship, health care, strategy, skills
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