Applying technology roadmapping for the energy saving industry

  • Szilvia Bíró-Szigeti
  • Béla Pataki


This paper discusses some issues of residential energy saving technologies in Hungary, applying a relatively new method. Coordination of public and industry investments - compling with sustainability criteria - has come up against several difficulties up to now. These problems originate mostly in the long-standing lack of the comprehensive strategic plans containing concrete objectives and state´s guidelines for the household market of building energetics products and services. The authors´ purpose is to analyse this market from a strategic point of view, and to process the available information using technology roadmapping, as well as to draw conclusions about the practical fruition.
Keywords: building energetics project, energy saving, energy policy, residential energy saving investment, technology roadmapping, TRM
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Bíró-Szigeti, S. and Pataki, B. (2012) “Applying technology roadmapping for the energy saving industry”, Periodica Polytechnica Social and Management Sciences, 20(2), pp. 105-113.