Influence of social networking for enterprise´s activities


  • Emese Tokarčiková


All kinds of advantages, which increase an enterprise´s competitiveness and profit levels, are welcome by most subjects in business environments. Currently professionally oriented social networks present one of these potential sources, which offer comparative advantages not only for individuals but also for companies, industrial enterprises and organizations of various kinds. It is because social networking can offer numerous benefits that could help to increase employment expand business activity or generate new business opportunities. The important fact is that social networking services are free, so the costs of their comprehensive use by individuals or businesses are minimal compared with the benefits flowing from them. The future destiny of the development of social networking services is open ended. Today we already know that Internet and mobile technologies are available to the general public. Their positive impact on business and employment activities for the business environment is definitely not neg ligible.


social networking; business environments; business opportunities; SN´s advantages and disadvantages; marketing tools

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