Reliability based Customer Satisfaction Evaluation


  • Tamás Jónás
  • János Kövesi


The purpose of this article is to introduce the so-called Reliability based Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Method that is founded upon the evaluator functions using the approach of logistic-type evaluation. The scorecard based customer satisfaction measurement methods, which are widely used at Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider companies, were studied to draw conclusions on the goodness, reliability and usefulness of these traditional practices. The approach followed here was to understand the sources of uncertainties of these methods, and construct mathematical models to improve their reliability. The nature of customers´ perceptions about the services they receive as functions of the scores they give through pre-agreed scorecards was mathematically modeled in evaluator functions. A method for parameter setting of evaluator functions was developed to make the functions adequately reflecting the customers´ satisfaction perceptions.


Customer satisfaction measurement and evaluation; Logistic-type evaluation; Reliability based Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Method

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Jónás, T., Kövesi, J. (2010) “Reliability based Customer Satisfaction Evaluation”, Periodica Polytechnica Social and Management Sciences, 18(1), pp. 3–9.