Some organizational issues of technology roadmapping experienced in Hungary


  • Béla Pataki
  • Zsuzsanna Szalkai
  • Szilvia Bí Ró-Szigeti


Technology roadmapping (TRM) is a technique for exploring the evolution of markets, products, technologies, and their linkages. During our Hungarian TRM-applications we found important a clear business need; senior level ownership; effective communication; information and knowledge sharing; spending considerable time at the beginning; preferring less frequent but longer workshops than more frequent shorter ones; involving all related functions, active participation of senior managers; having a TRM-champion inside the company; a case-study-based training to teach TRM; and calling TRM a different name at the beginning.


technology roadmapping; technology management; technology strategy; business strategy

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Pataki, B., Szalkai, Z., Bí Ró-Szigeti, S. (2010) “Some organizational issues of technology roadmapping experienced in Hungary”, Periodica Polytechnica Social and Management Sciences, 18(1), pp. 31–38.