Investment optimisation for the reduction of the emissions of settlements

  • Mária Csete
  • Ádám Török


In the compensation of the effects of global climate change, mitigation is always a key issue. The initiatives towards this goal are usually nationwide, and restricted to large scale facilities, although households, small settlements and subregions also contribute to the reduction of emissions, which - among others - could be realised by investments and developments. The optimisation of the investments aimed toward local environmental-economical and climate protection goals could help the decision makers to assemble an environmentally friendly, climate conscious and cost-effective investment portfolio. These local endeavours and solutions fully correspond to the international and domestic climate protection efforts. In this paper, we would like to introduce the dynamic optimisation of environmental investments of local and subregional settlement development. This only differs from the optimisation methods used in economics for investment and production optimisation methods in the boundary conditions applied . We used boundary conditions related to environmental and climate protection and adaptation.
Keywords: climate change, mitigation, local and subregion level investments, optimisation
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Csete, M. and Török, Ádám (2009) “Investment optimisation for the reduction of the emissions of settlements”, Periodica Polytechnica Social and Management Sciences, 17(1), pp. 41-45.