Usability test with non conventional goals - success and expenditure indicators

  • Emma Lógó


Technology alone may not win user acceptance and subsequent marketability. The user experience, or how the user experiences the end product, is the key to acceptance. And that is where user interface design enters the design process. While product engineers focus on the technology, usability specialists focus on the user interface. For greatest efficiency and cost effectiveness, this working relationship should be maintained from the start of a project to its rollout. The customer wants to use the technologies by easier, faster and efficient ways, and the meeting point between the user and the service is the accessory products ``user interface´´. The next study shows a potential way to select and test the better accessory devices to telecommunication services, with usability testing.
Keywords: usability testing, ergonomics, success rate, emotional effort
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Lógó, E. (2009) “Usability test with non conventional goals - success and expenditure indicators”, Periodica Polytechnica Social and Management Sciences, 17(2), pp. 67-72.