Banking regulation. Lessons and challenges

  • András Vigvári
  • Alíz Zsolnai
  • Gabriella Lamanda


The financial crisis (setting in since 2007) focuses attention on the regulation, while the self-regulated market shows imperfection at the market. In the last decades the deregulation was the key-word, but nowadays everybody desires for new rules and regulations. The article tries to present this complex subject regarding the banking regulation. There will be demonstrated the pros and cons concerning the regulation, the practice regarding the actual regulation and the possible solutions as regards the developing.
Keywords: deregulation, liberalization, regulation, capital requirement, procyclic behaviour
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Vigvári, A., Zsolnai, A. and Lamanda, G. (no date) “Banking regulation. Lessons and challenges”, Periodica Polytechnica Social and Management Sciences, 16(2), pp. 55-62. doi: