Analysis of Public Transport Performance in Budapest, Hungary

  • Gyula Gaal
  • Eszter Horváth
  • Ádám Török Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  • Mária Csete


In 2001 the European Commission defined the main rules of the expected changes of modal split in the White paper. Modal split is also a crucial question in urban areas, where transport has the greatest effects on living standards and environment. Due to the caused pollution, noise, health effects every stakeholder tries to make urban public transport as efficient as it is possible. This is a theoretical investigation which aims to analyze the production function of Budapest Public Transport in Hungary. In this paper the transport data of Budapest were used to create a model in which the effects of different production factors can be estimated and the public transport performance can be forecasted.
Keywords: modal split, public transport, Budapest, performance, forecast
Published online
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Gaal, G., Horváth, E., Török, Ádám and Csete, M. (2015) “Analysis of Public Transport Performance in Budapest, Hungary”, Periodica Polytechnica Social and Management Sciences, 23(1), pp. 68-72.