Social Capital: A Comprehensive Overview at Organizational Context

  • Elias Milana Damascus University
  • Issa Maldaon


A large number of authors, researchers and organizational theorists have invoked the concept of social capital in the search for description of the role of human resource in organization. Social capital reflects extent of social relationships which contribute to the achievement of organization’s goals, through social networks, norms, obligations and other patterns arising from social interactions. This study intends to clarify the concept and helps to evaluate its utility for organizational theory. The purpose of the paper is to identify the importance of social capital as a factor in achieving sustainable growth and development, and to identify its role in the organization. This study emphasizes the essential role of social capital in organizations, the importance of its development, and the possibilities of making it compatible with the goals of the organization.

Keywords: social capital, social networks, norms and shared belief, social interactions
Published online
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Milana, E. and Maldaon, I. (2015) “Social Capital: A Comprehensive Overview at Organizational Context”, Periodica Polytechnica Social and Management Sciences, 23(2), pp. 133-141. doi: