Financial Key Performance Indicators in Engineering Companies


  • František Milichovský

    Brno University of Technology Faculty of Business and Management Department of management


Performance is usually defined as system of monitoring individual corporate processes on way to produce the appropriate changes in organizational culture, systems and processes. These activities help to achieve optimal performance agreement targets, allocation of resources, information management on possible modifications of business strategyorsharingtheresultscontinuedindividual goals. Due the performance monitoring the companies can find the Key Performance Indicators, also known as KPIs that help to all organizations define and measure progress toward corporate goals. The objective of this paper is to find trend of improvement by measuring effectiveness of marketing activities. For this reason there was used questionnaire survey, focused on engineering companies operating in Czech Republic. Results and discussion of the paper are based on the analysis of secondary sources and selected data of questionnaire survey, which are involved on measuring the performance of Czech companies. To process the results of the questionnaire survey, there were used both basic types of descriptive statistics and factor analyze on the selected dataset. The data were processed by using the statistical program IBM SPSS Statistics 22. The conclusions provide characteristics of the limitations of research and its potential further direction.


indicators; marketing effectiveness; marketing performance

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Milichovský, F. (2015) “Financial Key Performance Indicators in Engineering Companies”, Periodica Polytechnica Social and Management Sciences, 23(1), pp. 60–67.