Social Indicators and Ethics in Sustainable Water Management

  • Flora Ijjas Budapest University of Technology and Economics


The article uses the integral model for examining sustainable water management in Danube river basin countries. Within the integral model - indicators measuring the three pillars of sustainability were used. Results show relationship between some of the environmental, economic and socio-cultural indicators of the selected countries. Some of the socio-cultural values might bring a better social understanding of environmental concern and therefore bring motivation for taking responsibility in consumer behaviour or in making sustainable resources management policies. One final conclusion of the study is that a premise of effective and sustainable water management is water ethics and the integration of local community needs.
Keywords: sustainability, water management, ethics, social and cultural indicators
Published online
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Ijjas, F. (2015) “Social Indicators and Ethics in Sustainable Water Management”, Periodica Polytechnica Social and Management Sciences, 23(2), pp. 113-120. doi: