Science, as the Subject of Historical and Social Analysis: A Case Study


  • Gábor Héra

    Philosophy and History of Science Doctoral School, BME


The case study presented in the article introduces an intense debate within the social science community in Hungary that arose due to a research report analysing the living conditions of Roma communities in segregated settlements. Firstly, the prevailing norms of the community which were violated by a young researcher are described. Then the article provides an overview of the research report that generated intense criticism against the author and outlines critics representing the “guards” and a defence of “separatist” researchers. Finally, it elaborates on the consequences of the debate and analyses why the study became the focal point of the intense criticism while introducing some potential explanations from the social psychology and sociology of scientific knowledge. All in all, the article does not intend to take a side in the argument only to give a constructivist analysis about the dispute.


scientific community, norms, debate, Roma

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Héra, G. (2018) “Science, as the Subject of Historical, Social Analysis: A Case Study”, Periodica Polytechnica Social, Management Sciences, 26(1), pp. 67–78.