Role of Mental Complexity and Personality in Leadership


  • Rita Répáczki

    Budapest University of Technology and Economics

  • Márta Juhász

    Budapest University of Technology and Economics

  • Krum Krumov

    VUZF - University of Finance, Business and Entrepreneurship


In the world of organizations, the role of leaders is particularly important, considering that their personalities, behaviour and performance characteristics are relevant not only from their own point of view, but also for the development of the staff and the processes of the whole organization. The 21st century has brought changes and new challenges in the everyday life of employees, and these new challenges are especially noticeable in the business sector and in the lives of leaders. The aim of this study was to explore how mental complexity and personality characteristics are related to attitudes and thinking about leadership. Another goal was to develop a quantitative method for testing mental complexity. In order to assess our hypotheses we applied a quantitative research method (N = 358) and used a Mental Complexity Questionnaire (27 items, 3 scales: Social Complexity Scale, Individual Complexity Scale and Inter-Individual Complexity Scale) (Répáczki, 2014).


mental complexity, meaning making, leadership, personality, Mental Complexity Questionnaire

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Répáczki, R., Juhász, M., Krumov, K. (2017) Role of Mental Complexity, Personality in Leadership, Periodica Polytechnica Social, Management Sciences, 25(2), pp. 97–107.