Investigating the Effect of Block Length on the Performance of Fractal Coding Using Audio Files

  • Ahmed Hussain Ali ORCID

    Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Studies Planning and Follow-up Directorate, 10065 Al Tarbawi Collection, Baghdad, Iraq

  • Loay Edwar George

    College of Science, University of Baghdad, 10070 Al-Jadriya, Baghdad, Iraq

  • Omar S. Saleh ORCID

    School of Computing, University Utara Malaysia, 06010 Kedah, Malaysia

  • Mohd Rosmadi Mokhtar

    Centre of Cybersecurity, Faculty of Information Science and Technology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 43600 Bangi, Selangor, Jalan Bunga Raya, Malaysia

  • Qusay Al-Maatouk

    School of Technology, Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Teknologi 5, Malaysia


The goal of compression techniques is to reducing the size of data and decreasing the communication cost while transferring data. Fractal based coding technique is widely used to compress images files which provides high compression ratio and good image quality. However, like a compression technique, it is still limited because of the difference of the human perceptions between audio and image files, the long time for searching the best possible domain blocks and many comparisons in the encoding process. For those reasons, Fractal Coding had not broadly studied on audio data. Few years ago, Fractal Coding has been extended to apply on the audio data. In this paper, the application of the Fractal Coding on different types of audio files is investigated. Moreover, the effect of block length on the audio quality and compression performance are highlighted since block length is considered the main factor in the Fractal Coding algorithm. A GTZAN dataset is adopted in the evaluation and the experimental results show that there is an inverse relationship between block length and audio quality and proportional relationship between block length and compression ratio and factor. Furthermore, it can be noticed that the Fractal Coding can be compressed any speech and music audio signal directly with acceptable quality, PSNR 39 dB on average with a high compression ratio around 90 % with compression factor around 10 when the block length is 20 samples.

Keywords: audio compression, audio quality, block length, compression ratio, Fractal Audio Coding
Published online
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Ali, A. H., George, L. E., Saleh, O. S., Mokhtar, M. R., Al-Maatouk, Q. “Investigating the Effect of Block Length on the Performance of Fractal Coding Using Audio Files”, Periodica Polytechnica Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 64(3), pp. 303-312, 2020.