Regularization of the Spatial Inverse Positioning Problem of Revolute Joint Manipulators

  • Dániel András Drexler Physiological Controls Research Center, Research and Innovation Center of Óbuda University, Óbuda University


Inverse kinematics is a central problem in robotics, and its solution is burdened with kinematic singularities, i.e. the task Jacobian of the problem is singular. A subproblem of the general inverse kinematics problem, the inverse positioning problem is considered for spatial manipulators consisting of revolute joints, and a regularization method is proposed that results in a regular task Jacobian in singular configurations as well, provided that the manipulator’s geometry makes movement in singular directions possible. The conditions of regularizability are investigated, and bounds on the singular values of the regularized task Jacobian are given that can be used to create stable closed-loop inverse kinematics algorithms. The proposed method is demonstrated on the inverse positioning problem of an elbow manipulator and compared to the Damped Least Squares and the Levenberg-Marquardt methods, and it is shown that only the proposed method can leave the singular configuration in the singular direction.

Keywords: singularity, inverse kinematics, Lie algebra, regularization
Published online
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Drexler, D. (2017) “Regularization of the Spatial Inverse Positioning Problem of Revolute Joint Manipulators”, Periodica Polytechnica Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 61(3), pp. 279-295. doi: