BME VIK Annual Research Report on Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 2015

  • István Vajk
  • Gábor Harsányi
  • András Poppe
  • Sándor Imre
  • Bálint Kiss
  • Ákos Jobbágy
  • Gyula Katona
  • Lajos Nagy
  • Gábor Magyar
  • István Kiss



Throughout her more than 200 years of existence, one of the major missions of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics is to spearhead modern technological developments. This is especially true for the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (VIK), where the only way to pursue excellence is to be the regional leader in research and development in the quickly changing fields of electronics, IT and computer science.
In order to maintain the level of excellence, innovative solutions and expertise are needed where engineering applications are combined with sound scientific results. Therefore, the faculty has its strength both at applied and at basic research. This research potential is connected to the international academic and industrial networks, i.e. VIK is actively participating in various communities, clusters and innovation networks. Because of the high scientific quality of the staff, several departments and research groups are represented in key international and national communities and innovation networks.
The long lasting collaboration with our industrial partners has made it clear that the industry expects methods and results, which make their processes more effective and increase productivity and quality. Being present as an active partner in key research and innovation areas, highly contribute to the competitive edge and continuous development of VIK. These factors have positioned VIK as a significant source of knowledge transfer and a treasured partner in various cooperation activities.
The current paper gives a brief account of the results achieved at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics in the year 2015 and, at the same time, tries to encompass the research activities conducted at different departments.
As a result, each individual section introduces a department and summarizes the corresponding results. This organization of the paper is also in accordance with our view, that the strength and excellence of the faculty originates from the innovative research groups working at departmental level. Hence, these teams, departments and their various expertise amount to make VIK a leading organization in ICT.
In this light, we believe that this paper proves to be an informative summary about our scientific and technological contributions made in the year 2015.

László Vajta, Dean of BME VIK
János Levendovszky, Deputy Dean of BME VIK

Published online
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Vajk, I., Harsányi, G., Poppe, A., Imre, S., Kiss, B., Jobbágy, Ákos, Katona, G., Nagy, L., Magyar, G., Kiss, I. “BME VIK Annual Research Report on Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 2015”, Periodica Polytechnica Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 60(1), pp. 1-36, 2016.