LTCC Based Planar Inductive Proximity Sensor Design

  • Samuel Zuk Technical University of Kosice
  • Alena Pietrikova Technical University of Kosice
  • Igor Vehec Technical University of Kosice


This paper is focused on design and realization of planar inductive sensor system used for proximity sensing based on Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (LTCC). Planar coil consisting of six layers was designed, produced and measured. Electronic system for driving coil and processing measured values was developed and realized. Proximity measurement of various metal materials was realized and results were processed and evaluated. Measurements has shown that six‑layers LTCC structure with implemented coils in cooperation with developed driving electronic is appropriate solution for design and construction of planar proximity sensor. It had been developed sensitive inductive sensor for up to 7 millimeters distance proximity measurements.

Keywords: planar inductive proximity sensor, planar inductor, LTCC technology
Published online
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Zuk, S., Pietrikova, A. and Vehec, I. (2016) “LTCC Based Planar Inductive Proximity Sensor Design”, Periodica Polytechnica Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 60(4), pp. 200-205.
VINMES Special Issue - Novel Trends in Electronics Technology