Focus and Scope

 The main scope of the journal is to publish original research articles in the wide field of transportation and vehicle engineering, e.g. in the field of modelling and measuring complex systems, and also relating to environmental and urban problems just as much as the economic and social questions of transport. Handling and modelling of large networks, the analysis of vehicles and engines and the related manufacture and repair processes are also considered. Special attention is paid to the future emerging technologies within the transport sector, just as well as intelligent transport systems and information and communication technologies. The journal is abstracted by several international databases, see the main page.

The strict peer reviewing and editing process is very short, the publication may appear in average within 3-4 months in the journal’s “Online First” page after submission of the manuscript. The journal is electronically published, and a few copies are printed and sent to main libraries in the world. This is an open access journal, publishing and downloading articles are both free of charge. The journal is recommended to researchers, faculty professors, and PhD students active in its field.