Proposal of Benchmarking Methodology for the Area of Public Passenger Transport


  • Miroslava Mikusova

    Department of Road and Urban Transport, Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communications, University of Zilina, Slovak Republic


This paper introduces the concept of benchmarking - the systematic approach that provides to performance assessment and identification of best practice - as a powerful tool for the development of performance, quality, sustainability and economic efficiency of transport services. It summarizes the results and findings of a study conducted to benchmark the performances of selected Slovak urban public transport enterprises. The study was effectuated in close cooperation with the involved passenger transport authorities and transport operators who delivered the necessary data. Based on indicators elaborated in various EU projects a new method of benchmarking applicable in conditions of public passengers services provision was proposed as well as a set of benchmarking indicators, which are enabling the implementation of a comparative study. Pilot benchmarking application was focused on identification of areas with potential of improvement by means of implementation of developed method. Final part of the paper contains recommendations for creation of a functional benchmarking system in a field of public transport services and details the steps that are necessary for the possible extension of benchmarking application to other areas of public passenger transport.


benchmarking, public passenger transport, quality, evaluation

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Mikusova, M. (2019) Proposal of Benchmarking Methodology for the Area of Public Passenger Transport, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 47(2), pp. 166–170.