The Calculation of the Fuel Cost for a Car

  • Radik Ildarkhanov Car Department, Naberezhnochelninsky Institute (bransh) “Kazan Federal University”, Naberezhnye Chelny, Russian Federation


The proposed formula derived considering the physical phenomena which occur during truck operation makes it possible to calculate fuel cost during the operation more accurately. The results of comparison of calculations by the proposed formula with test results tractors parties “TransEuroTest” are presented. The results of the calculation with the help of new formula differ from the experimentally obtained values of the fuel consumption of vehicles for not more than 1%. The average fuel consumption of tractors at an average speed is shown. The proposed formula for calculating the cost makes it easy to compare the fuel consumption of different vehicle options. The formula can also be used when evaluating the effect of vehicle weight on fuel consumption, which is impossible according to the well-known formulas.

Keywords: car, fuel consumption, operating conditions, road resistance, speed
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Ildarkhanov, R. (2019) “The Calculation of the Fuel Cost for a Car”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 47(4), pp. 277-282.