Simulator Demonstrations of Different Retrofit Options of a Self-propelled Inland Vessel


  • Csaba Hargitai

    Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest

  • Juha Schweighofer

    via donau – Österreichische Wasserstraßen GmbH

  • Győző Simongáti

    Budapest University of Technology and Economics


The project MoVe IT! (, funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union, was focussed on modernisation of inland waterway vessels by retrofitting. In order to stimulate an implementation of the results by the industry, visualization of the positive impacts was realised by a set of vivid demonstrators. In this paper, the demonstrations by simulators for a single screw motor cargo vessel of the type Johann Welker are described.
The motion simulations are carried out by a custom made (for inland vessels developed) computer program, which use common naval architect force calculation algorithms and a new approximation theory for added masses.
The simulator demonstrations comprise descriptions and visualisations of ship lengthening, application of different rudder and a new propulsion device. Five different cases are examined, the original vessel and four retrofit options.
First retrofit variant is the lengthened vessel with original rudder and propeller. Other two analysis are performed changing only the rudder system. In fourth simulator demonstration the original propeller is changed to a pump propeller (a novel propulsion device).
The environment are in the simulator demonstrations: constant draught of the vessel, and calm, infinite deep waterway.
As results of simulator demonstrations the effects on fuel consumption and manoeuvrability are discussed in the paper.


inland navigation, vessel retrofitting, simulation, manoeuvring

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Hargitai, C., Schweighofer, J., Simongáti, G. (2019) Simulator Demonstrations of Different Retrofit Options of a Self-propelled Inland Vessel, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 47(2), pp. 111–117.