Challenges Caused by the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in the Air Traffic Management


  • Zsolt Sándor


The increasing number of unmanned aerial vehicle poses new challenges in the aviation industry especially the air traffic control, which is responsible for the safe flight operations in the controlled airspaces. In order to protect the conventional aircraft a new operation environment has to be created, which guarantee the safe flying and the possibility of the fulfilment of the flight. In the article drone related safety and operational problems are highlighted. All issue connected to the coexistence of manned and unmanned aircrafts are critical, thus their management have significant importance.
Spread and wide use of unmanned aerial vehicle traffic management systems (UTM) can manage the critical operational issues, but is has to be defined that what is the problem, what is the scope, what is the operational environment. Services and functions related to the operation of the UTM system are defined, which are necessary for the safe flying fulfilled by the unmanned vehicles.


unmanned aerial vehicle, traffic management, drones, aircrafts

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Sándor, Z. (2019) Challenges Caused by the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in the Air Traffic Management, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 47(2), pp. 96–105.