Bank Angle Estimation Using Radar Data

  • Richárd Madácsi Methodology and Coordination Department, HungaroControl Ltd., Budapest, Hungary
  • Rita Markovits-Somogyi Technical Operations and Development Division, HungaroControl Ltd., Budapest, Hungary


The procedure designer’s toolbox calculating nominal track and protection areas is not entirely appropriate for determining the standard deviation of the trajectories, when designing a new departure procedure. The nominal track provides only a theoretical mean values to be shown on the chart but the aircraft cannot be expected to adhere to this route in a turn. Whereas protection areas are too wide and conservative estimates as they serve the purpose of providing adequate distance from ground obstacles under the worst conditions. This is why a new, radar based solution is needed to tackle this problem. The first step into this direction is to investigate the part of the route which infers the biggest uncertainty, the turn.

Keywords: instrument flight procedure design, radar data analysis, bank angle, SID, Radius-to-Fix, PBN
Published online
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Madácsi, R. and Markovits-Somogyi, R. (2019) “Bank Angle Estimation Using Radar Data”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 47(1), pp. 1-5. doi: