The development of large traffic network model


  • Zsuzsanna Bede
  • Tamás Péter


Our article examines speed and acceleration processes, describing the motion of unique vehicles crossing the large network. We take the real traffic into consideration by obtaining the driving cycle from our macroscopic network model. We grant the traffic changes in the entire network with this model. The unique motion process derived from the model is compared to the real - measured - speed and acceleration processes. In this article we validate our model by getting unique speed and acceleration processes. Based on the acceleration values calculated by the model, we redefine the condition set of the model. Comparing the modeled and measured values, it is clear that there are only some momentary differences. But even these small differences should not be neglected, rather they should be used in the model development, as described in this paper.


non-linear large traffic network model; extraction of unique velocity processes

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Bede, Z., Péter, T. (2011) “The development of large traffic network model”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 39(1), pp. 3–5.