The mathematical modeling of reversible lane system


  • Zsuzsanna Bede
  • Tamás Péter


We examine the modeling of reversible lane system configured on a road part network. The functions of the each network´s elements and contacts between its each element cease in the course of a change and new contacts and new function elements are activated instead of them. This opens the door to a new principled optimal control, which happens to the dynamic change of the structure of the network graph. In the model, as in reality, the geometry elements do not disappear naturally, but create a variable network as a result of their new function and their connection system. The article presents the mathematical modeling of the problem. Points out the fundamental questions of the structure change and exemplifies the above on a simple example.


Reversible lane; road traffic control; mathematical modeling

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Bede, Z., Péter, T. (2011) “The mathematical modeling of reversible lane system”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 39(1), pp. 7–10.