International literature review on the possibilities of biodiesel production


  • Ákos Bereczky
  • Ádám Török


Continued use of petroleum-based fuels is now widely recognized as unsustainable because of depleting supplies and contribution of these fuels to pollute the environment. The challenge, therefore, is to secure adequate energy supplies at the least possible cost. Over 1.5 trillion barrels of oil equivalent have been produced since Edwin Drake drilled the world´s first oil well in 1859. Economic growth is always accompanied by commensurate increase in the transport. The high energy demand in the industrialized world as well as in the domestic sector, and pollution problems caused due to the widespread use of fossil fuels make it increasingly necessary to develop the renewable energy sources of limitless duration and smaller environmental impact than the traditional one. One possible alternative to fossil fuel is the use of oils of plant origin like vegetable oils and non-edible oils. Usage of biodiesel will allow a balance to be sought between agriculture, economic development and the environment. The aim of th is article is to investigate to hidden possibilities of biodiesel utilisation in Hungary by the review of international literature.


diesel fuel; biodiesel

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Bereczky, Ákos, Török, Ádám (2011) “International literature review on the possibilities of biodiesel production”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 39(1), pp. 31–37.