Information system for road infrastructure booking


  • Tamás Soltész
  • Miklós Kózel
  • Csaba Csiszár
  • Tamás Centgráf
  • Balázs Benyó


Booking of road infrastructure is a tool for management of ,,stresses´´ between traffic demand and available infrastructure capacity (supply). In this course entitlement to use of certain network elements (lane, zone, and parking lot) can be purchased. It can be applied at those network elements where traffic jams are generated regularly and travel time is unpredictable. Charges for use of infrastructure are proportional to the number of bookings. Its extent influences both travel mode and vehicle choice. ,,Intervention´´ in traffic flows is wanted, therefore its analysis and control require the use of knowledge in the following fields: transport network planning, traffic technology and transport informatics; in a system- and process-oriented approach. Model of this complex transport system has been built up; the operations are influenced by dynamic information.


road transport network model, route choice, booking, road charge, traffic control.

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Soltész, T., Kózel, M., Csiszár, C., Centgráf, T., Benyó, B. (2011) “Information system for road infrastructure booking”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 39(2), pp. 55–62.