Driveline torque observer for heavy duty vehicle


  • Balázs Trencséni
  • László Palkovics


In addition to fuel consumption and efficiency the expectations in driving comfort of heavy duty vehicles were substantially increased in the last years. The driveline has an essential role in drivability performance of the vehicle. Since it determines the driving efficiency as well, simple, but robust devices were quite widespread in production, but these can usually make driving more difficult to the driver. This means there is a hard trade-off between efficiency and driving comfort. Application of control logics can help to find the balance between simplification of hardware components and their operation. Enhancing the drivability without any inefficient additional assembly leads to higher level of safety since it makes driver´s job easier, and so it can further increase the efficiency of transportation.


heavy duty vehicle, driveline, modal analysis, observer design

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Trencséni, B., Palkovics, L. (2011) “Driveline torque observer for heavy duty vehicle”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 39(2), pp. 91–97.