The development of an online supply chain simulation game (SCSG)


  • Krisztián Bóna
  • Dániel Benyó
  • Attila Kokas
  • István Kozák


The potentialities implied in the web surface version of the supply chain simulation game, presentation of the planned functions. Designing the database serving as basis for the programme, the connection between core data and communication, the process of transactions. Showcasing the preliminary surface plans, the correlation between creating the surfaces and human errors. Various mathematical methods and solutions necessary for the realisation of more advanced functions.


supply chain simulation, web-based realisation, optimization methods

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Bóna, K., Benyó, D., Kokas, A., Kozák, I. (2011) “The development of an online supply chain simulation game (SCSG)”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 39(2), pp. 105–110.