Investigating the emission trends of road freight vehicles


  • Rita Markovits Somogyi
  • Ádám Török


This research paper provides an overview of road transport freight vehicle emissions with the purpose to provide an outlook for vehicle emissions trends and standards. It describes the impact of vehicle emissions and assesses the adequacy of emission limits adopted for new passenger car engines and for heavy-duty diesel engines. It briefly outlines the Jevons paradox indicating its importance in the field of fuel efficiency. Finally a new real time method for the assessment of CO_2 emissions as a function of the individual goods transported is also reported here.


CO_2 emission; emission trends; road freight vehicles

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Markovits Somogyi, R., Török, Ádám (2010) “Investigating the emission trends of road freight vehicles”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 38(2), pp. 79–84.