The extraction of unique velocity processes from a macro model


  • Zsuzsanna Bede
  • Tamás Péter


In our article measured, we compare the velocity profiles received of the detailed traffic simulation modelled by us in the traffic, as EUDC standard procession cycles employed with the introduction of regulations the EURO3. In the course of this, EUDC principal deficiencies turned into conspicuous visible one. The differences already perceptible in case of values which can be counted directly from the velocity profile. The average speed and the time filled in the neutral gear, in the stand are like this for example. The statistical values calculated by our model reflect it well the (measured) sudden acceleration processes typical of traffic, as according to the real processes, and not contain permanently static velocity values. Based on this, we make a proposal - the NEDC cycle different - the application of new velocity profiles. This give much more accurate procedure on the testing of the vehicles to the real procession characteristics of the vehicle the definition of values.


non-linear network model; traffic simulation model; extraction of unique velocity processes

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Bede, Z., Péter, T. (2010) “The extraction of unique velocity processes from a macro model”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 38(2), pp. 105–111.