Airport information system integration by using message broker


  • Zsolt Kelemen


Modern airports are being equipped with an ever growing number of modern electronic systems for specific tasks: Baggage Handling Systems (BHS), Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS), Departure Control Systems (DCS), Weight & Balance Systems; Common Used Terminal Equipment (CUTE) Systems; Building Management Systems (BMS), Access Control Systems (ACS), Airport Operation Databases (AODB), Resource Management Systems (RMS) ... there is virtually no end to the list. Nevertheless, many airports are still difficult to navigate for passengers, still have to face departure delays and frequent changes in operations, and still miss substantial revenue opportunities or waste money because of unused resources of every kind. Key to using all those powerful systems to their full capacity and reaping all their benefits is bringing them into tune. A task that is commonly known is the System Integration by using Message Broker solutions. This rather technical term subsumes all activities aimed at establishing the physical connection of disparate systems. The concept of system integration is one step beyond the simple installation of cables and the translation of a few protocols. This paper provides details on the Integration Message Broker solutions in the airport information system industry.


air transport, airport, message broker, integrated information system

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