Co-operative Transport System and investigation of the co-operation


  • Gábor Szűcs


This paper deals with Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and the concept of a Co-operative Transport System (CTS), in which the communication and the knowledge sharing is much more important. This distributed knowledge allows improving road transport operations more safety and efficiency. After showing some issues about development and advantages of a CTS, the communication part is discussed among CTS elements. The most important parts and usefulness of CTSs are shown with some examples, e.g. TRACKSS, which is based on the knowledge sharing sensors on the road network.


Intelligent Transport System, esafety, information and communication technologies, Co-operative Transport System

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Szűcs, G. (2009) “Co-operative Transport System and investigation of the co-operation”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 37(1-2), pp. 23–28.