Estimation method for determining the environmental impact of biofuel blends


  • Nikolett Pézsa
  • Máté Zöldy


The operation of vehicles causes damage to the environment through combusting fuels. Increasing motorisation and traffic results in an increased environmental impact, and the caused effects can be experienced locally and globally. The only solution that decreases environmental load without restricting mobility is the application of new environment friendly energy sources, which can be used and stored safely and which can be produced and applied in an environment friendly way. While trying to adapt to the changes caused by environment pollution the society and the people, who participate in transport need to modify their approach. The development of an environment conscious lifestyle in order to preserve the living-space of future generations is a common interest of all of us. The aim of this paper is the upper estimation of the environmental impact deriving from fossil and biofuel consumption in the case of diesel oil and gasoline driven motor vehicles.


gasoline, diesel, ethanol, biodiesel, environmental impact

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Pézsa, N., Zöldy, M. (2009) “Estimation method for determining the environmental impact of biofuel blends”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 37(1-2), pp. 53–56.