Modeling of Thermal Preparation of Shock Absorbers of Trucks


  • Roman V. Chernukhin ORCID

    Department of Design of Technological Machines, Faculty of Mechanics and Technology, University, Novosibirsk State Technical University (NSTU), Karl Marx Avenue 20., 630073 Novosibirsk, Russian Federation


The use of modern materials and technical fluids allows you to operate cars at negative temperatures, but in some regions of the world (for example, in Siberia), the ambient air temperature can fall below 243 K for several weeks or even months. The operation of trucks at such a temperature refers to extreme conditions that force the special preparation of equipment. This preparation consists not only of special maintenance, but also of carrying out some activities that are carried out immediately before starting the engine and driving. The essence of these measures is, among other things, the thermal preparation of the components and assemblies of the vehicle before departure.
This work is devoted to the thermal preparation of truck shock absorbers. It is revealed that the use of oils, the kinematic viscosity of which significantly depends on the ambient temperature, is a limiting factor in the winter operation of shock absorbers. The simulation of the operation of electric flexible heaters for shock absorbers in the SolidWorks Flow Simulation environment was carried out and the preheating efficiency was evaluated. It is established that the temperature distribution of the shock absorber fluid during heating of two-pipe shock absorbers occurs unevenly, but despite this, preheating significantly improves the characteristics of shock absorbers and contributes to the safe and long-lasting operation of trucks.


shock absorber, kinematic viscosity, modeling, thermal preparation

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Chernukhin, R. V. (2023) “Modeling of Thermal Preparation of Shock Absorbers of Trucks”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 51(1), pp. 89–95.