Special Topics on Map Meshing in Turbomachinery


  • Corneliu Berbente
  • Irina Carmen Andrei
  • Nicoleta Mihaela Ene
  • Florin Frunzulica
  • Endre Korody


The purpose of this paper is to present various kinds of options as regards the computational mesh generation that is required by the analysis of flow in axial turbomachinery (compressors and turbines). Specific cases of interest as both the rotating and fixed blade row profiles and axial stage are focused. There were highlighted the very best options of mesh generation that lead to a good level of computational accuracy. Therefore, one may consider this paper as a successful attempt to be a useful guide of the first steps in computational analysis of flow in turbomachinery.


mesh generation, structured/unstructured mesh, multi-block, grid, mesh, computational domain, (airfoil, blade row, cascade/stage, axial, compressor, turbine), mesh mapping.

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Berbente, C. (2006) Special Topics on Map Meshing in Turbomachinery, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 34(1-2), pp. 59–68.