Estimation method for emission of road transport


  • Katalin Tánczos
  • Ádám Török


The sustainable development is a development, where the pace of technical development, the satiation of increasing supply and the raw materials and resources of Earth are poised so that the rate of living and opportunities of the next generations must not to be worse. Transportation cannot be replaced because it is part of the production chain. Societies are horizontally and vertically differential. The manpower, the stock, the semi finished and finished products must be transported. One of the most emphasized goals of the transport policy of the European Union is sustainable mobility. For this reason transportation systems must be developed and standardized, the effectiveness of transportation service must be increased, while the environmental pollution must be decreased or prevented. There are no harmonized guidelines for project assessment and transport costing at EU level yet. A critical issue when comparing appraisal practices across countries is to make sure the same definitions are being used. Theoretically, all benefits and costs should be accounted for in the cost-benefit analysis. In practice though, many effects are left out.


environmental pollution; emission estimation; cost of pollution.

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Tánczos, K., Török, Ádám (2006) “Estimation method for emission of road transport”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 34(1-2), pp. 93–100.